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Regular City Council Meeting- Monday June 4, 2012


The Woodbine City Council met in regular session on Monday June 4, 2012 at 5:00pm in the City Conference Room at 517 Walker Street. Minutes from the meeting are provided below.



June 4, 2012 Minutes

      Mayor William H. Hutcheson called the Woodbine City Council into session Monday, June 4, 2012, at 5:00 p.m., in the City conference room. Council Members Nancy Yarbrough, Brenda Loftus, Jim Andersen, Randy Vandemark, and Noel Sherer answered roll call. Others in attendance included Lynn Goodrich, Leana Goodrich, Kevin Brown, Joe Book, Gary Dull, Paul Marshall, Joe Gaa, and Lois Surber.

      Moved by Andersen, seconded by Loftus, to approve the agenda as printed. 5 ayes.

      Moved by Loftus, seconded by Andersen, to approve the consent agenda which included the May 21, 2012 minutes, May 2012 Bills, Walker Service Class C Beer permit (BC) renewal, and Artisan Studio LLC, Special Class C Liquor License (BW) (Beer/Wine) new license. 5ayes.

      Last summer City Administrator Joe Gaa met with Lynn and Leana Goodrich regarding the concession stand they own and operate in the park. At the time a discussion was held on the need for a formal operating agreement if they were to continue operation. On June 29 Lynn Goodrich came in to inquire about picnic tables and trash cans. He was reminded of the need for an operation agreement to which he asked Gaa if the City had one.  Gaa drafted a resolution and sent it to Goodrichs for their review. Lynn refused to agree with the contract. -After Council discussion, the consensus was that the Parks Committee meets with Lynn and Leana to come up with an agreement. Moved by Loftus, seconded by Vandemark, to table the matter and approve the Parks Committee meet and discuss item by item on the agreement with the Goodrichs. 5 ayes.

      Cities are required to have an external auditor conduct an audit once every four years. The practice of the City is to conduct an audit every two years. Diane McGrain, of Schroer and Associates, has conducted the audit for several years. Their cost to complete the FY2012 audit and the annual financial report is $5,150.00. This cost is slightly higher due to extra documentation as a requirement of receiving a large amount of federal grant funds. Moved by Sherer, seconded by Yarbrough, to approve Schroer and Associates to conduct the FY2012 audit and annual financial report. 5 ayes.

      Harrison County Landfill has disposed of leachate in the Woodbine lagoons for a number of years. The current agreement is to expire in June. The City received a draft renewal agreement submitted by Landfill Manager Dan Barry. The agreement was similar to previous agreements with a few adjustments. Adjustments were: 1) maximum annual amount allowed increases from 160,000 to 300,000 gallons; 2) term of agreement goes from two to three years. The staff recommendation was to add a third adjustment which was to increase the per gallon charge from $0.01 to $0.015. Moved by Vandemark, seconded by Andersen, to approve the agreement with the price increase. City Administrator Gaa will advise Barry so the item can be placed on the agenda of the landfill’s next meeting. 5ayes.

      The City hired Spencer Ball as a summer worker on May 7. Ball chose to accept a different job. Public Works Director Paul Marshall recommended hiring John Smith as the summer worker at an hourly rate of $8.00 per hour. Moved by Yarbrough, seconded by Loftus, to hire John Smith as summer worker at $8.00/hour. 5 ayes.

      The City budget was amended due to grant funding from other government agencies. This is a match between revenues and expenses and does not affect the bottom line of the budget. Moved by Andersen, seconded by Sherer, to approve the FY2012 Budget Amendment. 5 ayes.

      The City Administrator gave a White Floral Garden update. At a previous council meeting the Council stated they would like to see a committee formed to oversee the garden and assist in raising funds for improvements and upkeep. Lois Schraeder’s family provided funding to Bill Maaske for the month of May and found volunteers willing to fund the garden upkeep for the months of June and July. Potential members of the floral garden committee would be Schraeder, Maaske, Rose Vista representative, Main Street Design Committee representative, and an additional community member with oversight from the City Administrator. The City Administrator recommended the City pay Maaske the remainder of the season labor at a maximum of 10 hours/week and one weekly mowing at a monthly maximum of $500.00. Moved by Sherer, seconded by Andersen, to approve the City pay the remainder of the season labor for the garden to Maaske. 5 ayes.

      Annually the City attempts to remove dead or diseased trees from the street right-of-ways (parkings), usually reported by the property owners. There have been various practices in place over the years regarding tree removal. Most recently, the City has paid 100% of the cost for tree removal as the budget allows. In 2010, that practice totaled $8,000.00. The current list total is over $20,000.00. With current practice and budget constraints, completing that list with an annual budget of $5,000.00 would take four years, and does not include any additional trees that may be added to the list. City Administrator Gaa recommended the following: 1) Designating $5,000.00 annually from the streets budget for tree removal, 2) In the spring/summer of each year send a letter to each property owner on the list with estimated cost of removal, 3) Offer a 50/50 cost share between the property owner and the City on a first come-first served basis. Confirmation in writing would be required from the property owner, 4) Once the scope of work is established, complete the work each year, generally in June or July, 5) Property owners could appeal to the Council for additional funding in the case of emergency or hard ship situations. The Council tabled the plan until next meeting, and requested the City Administrator  bring a Right-of-way Tree Removal Plan resolution and sample of letter to be sent to property owners.

      Resolution 12-6-1 “A Resolution Setting Compensation and Benefits for FY2013” was reviewed. Full-time employees with over one year of service will receive a three percent Cost of Living Allowance. Moved by Sherer, seconded by Yarbrough, to adopt Resolution 12-6-1. City employee Joe Book addressed the Council, asking for an additional $0.25/hour to narrow the gap between Lead Municipal Services Worker and Municipal Services Worker (Book’s position). Book stated he was promised to receive the same wage when he was hired 20 years ago, but there has been $1.00 differential, and he has the same qualifications. Book had received an additional $0.25/hour increase last year. Moved by Sherer to amend the previous motion to add the additional $0.25/hour increase to the resolution, with a second by Yarbrough. 5 ayes.

      Regular monthly reports presented by the City Administrator, Police Chief, and Public Works Director.

      Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

William H. Hutcheson, Mayor

Attest: Lois Surber, City Clerk



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